A Special Easter Gift | Flash Fiction by A.M. Alley

Coffee and chocolateWhat did you get in your Easter egg? In Sweden we’re celebrating today so the kids have already been on an egg hunt – luckily, for them, there was only candy in their eggs.

While hiding some eggs yesterday evening I got a rather disturbing thought. What if the pieces looking like candy weren’t candy at all? Poor Mike in this flash is in for a nasty surprise.

A Special Easter Gift

With a frustrated groan, Alice dropped the knife on the cutting board. The shape of her squares was all wrong. She’d cut them perfectly, but the texture was off. As soon as she let them rest a little, they lost their sharp edges and looked like they were about to melt. The sides were bulging out, and the bottom grew wider.

She grabbed one between her thumb and forefinger and pressed a little, making it bloat on the top. When she let go, it sagged again. With clenched jaws, she wiped her sticky fingers on her apron.

Chocolate truffles didn’t lose their form so her cubes couldn’t either. If they didn’t look like chocolate, the whole wrapping would be ruined. Checking to make sure her fingers wouldn’t leave smears, she reached for the large vintage papier-mâché Easter egg. She’d bought yellow wrapping tissue paper to put inside along with the cubes.

Glaring at the dices, she wondered what she should do to make them look like chocolate. Maybe she could fry them. If she turned them around and let them get a little roasting surface on each side… No, she’d probably burn them and then it would look like she wanted to invite him over for dinner—she did not want to invite him to dinner.

All she wanted was to give him a surprise.

She tapped her lip, a coppery smell finding its way into her nostrils as she considered her options. The best way to make it look like chocolate was, of course, to dip the squares in chocolate.

While she boiled some water to melt the chocolate over, she started to clean away the pieces she couldn’t use. Where she would hide the carcase, she didn’t know, but she’d think of something. She couldn’t risk the police finding a body with carved out bits anywhere nearby. Smartest would, of course, be to grind it all and get rid of the mince but it was too much work. She’d dump it in the river during the night.

Smiling, she dipped the cubes in the melted chocolate and set them out to cool. It would look lovely. Mike would be so surprised. After last week he probably hadn’t thought he’d see her again, but everyone deserved an Easter treat—he more than most.

She put the woman’s head in a plastic bag. Maybe she should wrap it for him too? No, then he would know. It was better he ended up with meat truffles and then was left wondering where his favourite waitress had gone.

He shouldn’t have given her that tip, shouldn’t have smiled more to her than he did Alice. No, Alice was a woman who deserved all the attention of her dates, and if Mike thought he could take her to a restaurant only to flirt with the waitress, he was wrong.

She’d told him so already.

He might not deserve her, but he did deserve a special gift. While arranging the cubes on the yellow tissue paper, she started to hum. What a great idea dipping them in chocolate had been, they looked perfect!

She scattered some Easter egg and bunnies sprinkles over the chocolate coated cubes before putting on the lid.

It really was pretty, almost as pretty as the waitress had been.