Friday Short Fiction Club | Punishment

CC0 Public Domain

Today I’ve read Punishment by jackblankshs and it left me with a Ha! and a shudder.

There is something living in the swamp, several somethings, and at night the Xaphan comes visit…unless he’s locked out. He bites and drinks the blood of the boy in the house, and he feasts on guilty conscience. The dad is the one letting the Xaphan in, it was let in when he was a boy too – it’s just the way it is. Certain things need to be done to keep the creatures in the swamp, it’s just the way it is…

This is a really creepy story. It’s told both from the boy’s and the father’s POV so the reader knows things the boy doesn’t but that doesn’t make the story much cheerier. If you’re a horror fan check it out, it’s perfect for a coffee break.