Friday Short Fiction Club | Oberon Asked

Today, I’ve read Oberon Asked – A Short Story by G. R. Pellio. I’m not normally someone who reads about fairies, there are so many creatures one can read about and fairies comes a fairly long way on my list over preferred monsters/creatures…normally at least. But the cover looked…interesting (LOL) and what was there to lose, really? Nothing.

This is an entertaining, and sometimes a little confusing (at least to me ) (it was all the parenthesis that did it ;)) read about a fairy who has been banished by his uncle. For years he lives next to the damned water heater and steals futures, abilities, and dreams from people he grants a wish. He builds himself up until he’s ready to face his uncle again.

I haven’t read anything by G. R. Pellio before and I couldn’t find any information about them. There is no ‘about the author section’ in the book, no author page on Amazon, and I couldn’t find them on Goodreads either. I wouldn’t mind reading more stories by them but unless I missed some somewhere this is the only one out. It was published on the 16th of April, though, so it’s brand new. Maybe there will be more in the future – I hope so.

Book Cover Oberon Asked by G.R. PellioWhat happens when a fairy makes its nest in a utility closet just off the lobby of a huge corporation? Find out in this short story. Here’s a hint – wishes are granted, but Oberon asks for quite a bit in return.

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