Friday Short Fiction Club | The Call of The Doll: A song rises from a forgotten underground

I just finished The Call of the Doll: A song rises from a forgotten underground by Ryphna St-John.  It was the cover that made me download it and I’ll admit to not having read the blurb until now when I started writing this post. I liked the story but the blurb is far more informative than the story in itself is.

Akazia and Henry are following a call leading them through corridors lined with dolls. They’re there to repair one of them but when they reach their goal things aren’t what Henry thought they were.

I had a few moments of confusion when there was a switch in point of views and then we have my favourite pet peeve – epithets. So when the when the young woman cracked a smile to the apprentice I took a second to wince (yes, I’m a bit crazy when it comes to that) but I liked the plot a lot. I was a bit surprised by the blurb because the tale described there wasn’t the one playing out in my head, but who cares. And the cover is awesome!

The Call of The Doll is a free read.

Book cover The Call of the DollA song rises from a forgotten underground. Two Manikin Engineers are sent to investigate and find the Doll responsible before the call lure innocent bystanders.

The first of my concept Steampunk short stories, The Call Of The Doll is an introduction to the life of the Dolls and the Manikin Engineers.

Created over 50yrs ago by an engineering genius, the original Dolls are a race of mechanical humanoids that can often be mistaken for humans. After creating over a hundred of them, their Creator died mysteriously, leaving his secrets to two apprentices who disappeared quickly thereafter. With the science behind creating living Dolls lost, a group of engineers created the Manikin guild with the mandate to find, repair and study the original Dolls hoping it would lead to discovering their secret.

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